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“Your product is great!!!! my sex life, energy, feeling of well being is great!!!(Stan, USA)

“I have used three tubes of your product (Andromen Forte 5%) I am extremely satisfied with the results. I have not only lost weight, but I have also actually gained muscle firmness and defenition which I only remember having when I was much younger. Not to mention a stronger libido and a way to back it up. Again You have a life-long customer in me.” (John L. L., United Kingdom)

“I ordered two more tubes as it is really terrific. Just not having to do the shot is great and not having to slop 5gm of goo on my back is great too.(Chuck S, USA)

“Amazing from Australia to the East Coast of the US (Fl) in 7 days - I am now anxious to see the results, I'll obtain from your product. I was on Testim two 5 gm tubes with good results - just staying at that level would be satisfactory and a great financial savings. But from all the reading I've done in the last week, I may be pleasantly surprised with improvements in free levels and mood.
Just getting rid of the Testim smell is enough, all the rest is icing on the cake. Thank you very much.” (Hugh, USA)

“Felt better after 2 weeks on the second tube. Now after 4 weeks I feel much better. Sleeping better. No more desire to sleep during the day and performing much better again if you get my meaning! LOL
I'm feeling better. Thanks for your help.” (Thomas, USA)

“Thank you for the call last night. It was quite the surprise and the first time I have ever spoken with anyone from the great country of Australia. In my opinion, it goes to the issue or how much care you extend to your customers.

To have the manufacture of a product call a customer, to the best of my knowledge, never happens here in the states. For that, I congratulate you. I'm still trying to figure out how I missed not seeing the applicator, in what my wife said was on the floor in the middle of the bathroom. I only looked there about one hundred times before contacting you. Oh well. I'm just glad I have it. Again Thanks.” (Richard, USA)

“Thank you for the cream it has been far superior to androgel in all aspects related to my use.

Its easier to use safer for me and wife . It has been wonderful on my pocket book also as it has saved me hundreds.

The absorbtion site is better and has allowed me to reduce my intial dose by doc in half.

After 2 dose use for one month, my levels were twice as high as the same amount of androgel went from 700 to 1590 need to be around 750 to 850 so my doc refigured doseage.

Thanks again, both my nurse and doctor are very intrested to see how my long term use goes.” (anonymous, USA)

“I am a Medical Practitioner with 20 years experience. Some 7 years ago I was diagnosed with Androgen Deficiency. I was initially treated with Testosterone pellets, but ceased this due to recurrent extrusions. This was replaced with 2nd weekly Sustanon injections, and when it became available I switched to Reandron 1000 depot injections q10-12 weeks. All the injectable modalities created significant swings in mood, energy and well being for me, and thus I trialled testosterone 1% gel. This created smooth Testosterone levels, however it was messy to apply such a large quantity, and also resulted in significant hair loss.

I now am using AndroForte 5% which is easily the best of any testosterone replacement therapies I have used. It is easy to apply with only a small quantity required (due to its higher concentration), and has not caused the hair loss I had with the 1% gel (presumably the 5% cream resulted in a smaller spike in DHT due to smaller skin surface the product is applied to as compared to the 1% gel).

There are any number of compounding chemists that will make testosterone cream, however as far as I am aware none have produced the data/studies that Lawley have. I am more comfortable using a cream that is pharmaceutical grade and has several studies to prove its absorption and clinical efficacy.” (Name withheld for privacy, Australia)

Thank you very much for your thorough answers. Deeply appreciated, even more so because such frankness and completeness is exceedingly rare these days, at least in America, where the people doing customer service are not always fully literate, don't seem to actually read the questions, and often have no real familiarity with the products they're providing customer service for.” (William L, USA)

“Thank you!

This product really works!!

I'm a former bodybuilder and I know what works.

My doctor has no idea...

I'm a loyal patron and regular now.” (Mike, USA)

“I wanted to thank your company for coming out with this product and making it available. Before I found you, I was not able to afford the Androgel my doctor had prescribed and was living with all the negative symptoms associated with testosterone deficiency. I had no libido whatsoever, always felt worn out and literally sweated out what seemed like gallons of sweat a day. And that was just the tip of the iceberg. Since I have been using your product, my life has changed drastically for the better.

I have my energy and sex drive back and other things that I didn't even know was associated with test. deficiency. I am sleeping full nights again and my depression is all but gone. Even my doctor was amazed that a deficiency could cause so many problems. I took your questionnaire again and scored a 21. Before I started Andromen I scored a 64. I can never thank you enough.” (Paul G, USA)

“I wanted to say that I really appreciate your company and your products! I had been on Androgel for about a year and a half, but had recently lost insurance, so I could no longer afford that.

Unfortunately, I went for several months without hormones, and let me just say that I was “unpleasant” to be around.

My moods were horrible and my kids couldn't wait until I got back on the hormones!
In Sept, I placed my first order...I haven't looked back since! It's amazing that on the gel, with the alcohol base, I would be throwing up about 1-2 times per month. I no longer have that issue with the cream, because of the base of the nut oils. Thank you!!!!” (Joe W, USA)

“I just wanted to shoot you a quick update. I am on day 9 of Andromen forte cream, and I think it is really starting to work now. The biggest sign, was that I was laughing a lot more today. I honestly cannot remember the last time I have laughed that much in the entire past year!! I think one sign of low test is depression/mood/irritability. I have been very serious the past few years, and I think it is due to my low testosterone. I am optimistic about this treatment, and ironically enough, the cream itself, has made me optimistic about life!! Cheers” (O. S., Canada)

The cream is working very well – I now have daily T levels very close to what I had 6 years ago when I was in my mid 50's. I'm back at the Gym, training like mad and my BP has dropped too – an added bonus. Exercise heart rate is in the high 160's – typically 166 bpm, the maximum training heart rate for a 25 year old and well above the theoretical maximum heart rate of 153 for a 60 year old. Great results!” (Jim, USA)

God bless you guys! You gave me my life and my mojo back. I was lethargic, no sex drive, achy, depressed. Now that's all turned around. I'm being monitored by my physician and he's on board now.

I think I know more then him on this subject (lol) even though I was at the low end of my acceptable or normal range blood serum testosterone count, I was a classic sufferer of hypogonadism and it was devastating! Now I feel 15yrs younger with absolutely NO side effects! Thank you.” (W. S., USA)

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